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More information on our Frozen At Sea Fish

FAS fish, or Frozen At Sea, means when the fish is caught offshore, it is processed and frozen immediately, usually onboard a large fishing vessel, at a temperature of -40º within a few hours. This procedure reduces the natural oxidation and preserves the freshness, preventing from the microbial growth and the loss of nutrients. Freezing fish in this way allows us to offer seasonal fish all year. This type of fish may often contain more vitamins and minerals compared to fresh chilled fish, because it is frozen the moment it is caught, meaning it locks in all those nutritional values.

Our team have built up an extensive number of years working within the fish and seafood industry, resulting in guaranteed first-rate products and services every time. Our products bring that fresh-from-the-sea experience to the plate. To find out more about how we bring our premium brands to you, take a look at our About Us page.

As a major importer of a wide range of fish and seafood, we accept we hold a level of responsibility. We impart our own high standards and expectations throughout the supply chain and are committed to sourcing from sustainable, well-managed and responsible fishing areas and aquaculture regions. Find out more about our sustainability commitments on our Where We Source page.