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More information on our frozen salmon

Our Salmon products are sourced responsibly from Norway and Scotland, from areas which are certified as sustainable from the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council). Wild salmon is naturally pink due to their diet which includes astaxanthin, a reddish-orange compound found in krill and shrimp.

Our distinct ranges offer exceptional versatility and benefits, including flexibility on price and the advantage of being able to buy different value ranges from one trusted supplier. Our team have built up an extensive number of years working within the fish and seafood industry, resulting in guaranteed first-rate products and services every time. To find out more about how we bring our premium brands to you, take a look at our About Us page.

Sykes Seafood have over a century of experience providing frozen seafood online, with advanced knowledge across all areas of the industry from sustainability to sourcing. Find out more about our sustainability commitments on our Where We Source page.