Sykes Seafood has more than a century of experience providing a wide range of high-quality frozen fish and seafood to our customers.  Our dedicated team boasts advanced knowledge across every area of the industry from sourcing to sustainability. We are confident in our expertise in the seafood industry and can always guarantee the highest standard products and services.


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Our Facilities


Our very own UK-based state-of-the-art manufacturing and processing facility in Sefton, Liverpool has made Sykes a real driving force on industry standards within the global seafood industry. Our Liverpool facility has been awarded the highest BRC grade of AA+. Food standards are constantly monitored, ensuring that every delivery you take is of the freshest and highest standard.


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Sourcing and


We’ve built a strong and reliable supply chain over many decades. To safeguard the future of our oceans, we are committed to only sourcing from sustainable, well-managed, and responsible fishing areas and aquaculture regions with complete supply transparency.


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Our history


In 1862, our business was founded by Joseph Sykes, trading from the Old Smithfield Market in Manchester. The business specialised in supplying fresh seafood and Dutch shrimp to the city, with deliveries being made by horse and cart well into the 20th Century.


In the mid-1970s we relocated to New Smithfield Market and began supplying frozen seafood, delivering full and mixed pallets up and down the UK.


Coldwater Prawns

Our variety of cold-water prawns is an exquisite luxury sourced from the finest waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans with complete supply chain traceability. As the name implies, our cold-water prawns come from cold, icy waters and grow naturally and slowly to develop their signature taste.

Warm Water Prawns

Warmwater prawns are one of the most imported foods in the UK. Their versatility makes them incredibly popular in numerous cuisines, with them appearing in restaurants, takeaways and supermarkets. Sykes boasts a huge range for you to explore with options suitable for all.

Wild Argentinian Prawns

Our wild Argentinian prawns are frozen at sea to retain their superior quality. Their sweet flavour and meaty texture give them a similar eating quality to lobster and are a great addition to any menu: available cooked peeled, deveined and raw whole.


We have an extensive range of sustainably sourced whitefish products. Many of our products are frozen at sea to guarantee ultimate freshness and quality. Our IQF fillets are perfect for ease of use, and we provide both skinless and skin-on varieties. Choose from cod, haddock, pollock, basa and hake.

Added Value King Prawns

From a variety of marinated IQF prawns to a range of coated options including breaded, battered, tempura, filo wrapped and panko. Perfect for sharing platters, starters, canapes and tapas.

Salmon & Char

Versatile and complimentary of many flavours both sweet and savoury, our premium salmon and Arctic char fillets are enjoyed in the UK all year round. Looking for something a little bigger? We sell whole sides of salmon which make impressive centrepieces.

Frozen At Sea

Frozen At Sea products are the only way to experience the freshest tasting fish away from coastal towns. Our premium frozen-at-sea fish is filleted and individually quick frozen on the vessel to preserve the quality and taste of a fresh catch.

Game Fish

Our sustainably sourced game fish selection is available year-round. Our skinless and boneless tuna and swordfish loin steaks are packed to suit both catering and retail sectors. We use only the very best quality tuna and swordfish products available. Contact us if you’d like to find out more about available sizes.

Mussels, Cockles, Clams & Whelks

If you’re looking for interesting cost-friendly ways to diversify your menu, we offer a versatile range of mussels, cockles, whelks and clams. Products that can be used in multiple ways to suit many dishes can be an exciting way to add intrigue to your diners.


Scampi is a classic pub staple across the UK and we can supply you with the most premium sustainably sourced scampi options available. Our impressive range of scampi comes in many different shapes and sizes, breaded, battered or whole and peeled allowing you the freedom to choose a scampi option depending on your requirements and budget.

Smoked Fish

Our smoked fish range at Sykes Seafood ranges from salmon, mackerel, kippers and haddock including Arbroath smokies. All our smoked fish is 100% sustainably sourced and is among some of the most premium products available in the UK.

Lobster & Crab

Adored by top chefs across the country, we can offer you some of the most premium mouth-watering frozen lobster and crab, and we never run out of stock. As fresh as the day they were caught, our frozen lobsters and crab retain all of their delicious nutrients with the convenience of coming frozen, resulting in zero waste.

Squid & Octopus

Through our trusted supplier network we have the highest quality squid and octopus available. These two well-known cephalopods have become incredibly popular in the UK with a growing presence in restaurants. Both can offer something different to any menu with a truly unique texture and taste.


For those looking for the answer to a specific dish, our speciality products, including a cooked seafood selection and fish pie mix are the perfect premium option to reduce your prep time in the kitchen.

Coated Fish

Coated fish products are one of the nation’s favourites. Our selection is expertly prepared in breadcrumbs or batter to offer a simple solution for gastro-pubs and takeaways looking for a premium coated fish option. Our fish products are coated for that authentic fish and chip shop crispy batter when cooked.

Seabass & Seabream

Our sustainably sourced seabass and seabream options are frozen within hours of harvest. Once defrosted, they’re as fresh as the day they were caught, resulting in premium, top-quality products. Perfect for Mediterranean cooking, these fish options need no more than lemon and herbs to make the most of the fresh, sweet flavours.

Whitebait, Blanchbait & Sardines

We have a variety of whitebait/blanchbait products as well as whole sardines for you to sample. These little fish pack a lot of flavour and have been commonly eaten on coasts around the UK for hundreds of years.

Flat Fish

Flat fish give us a diverse variety of flavours and textures that bring life to any dish. From sweet and meaty halibut steaks to delicate and flaky plaice fillets, we’ve got a variety of options available all year round.


Our range of exotic fish provides flavours and textures that are rarely experienced in British restaurants and supermarkets. From meaty and succulent skin-on red snapper fillets to our whole tilapia and frozen at sea redfish.


Our surimi products range from crab sticks, crab flakes and imitation king prawn tails. Surimi options are versatile and can be used in salads, stir-fries and pasta for a more cost-effective substitute for crab and lobster.


Our sustainably sourced scallops add a premium feel to a dish and is perfect for serving as a starter or a decadent accompaniment to a main course. As subtle as their flavours may be, the combination of sweet, buttery and nutty are brought to life once butter, garlic and lemon are added for a classic failsafe dish.

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